Services We Offer

WW Autowerks are specialists in the repair of any porsche. We perform all types of repairs, and also provide maintenance, restoration, and rebuilding services.

Rebuild Services Available
Alternators, Generators, Starters
6V to 12V Conversion Starters
Pedal Assemblies
Ignition Distributors
King & Link Pins for 356
Targa Tops Rebuilt/Recovered
Recondition Early Pedal Assembly
Reline Brake Shoes 356
Reline 911/356C Parking Brake Shoes
Engine & Transmissions Rebuilt
Brake Calipers Rebuilt (914 Rear Specialty)
Heater Exhaust-J Pipe and Euro Type Repair

Complete Automotive Machine Shop Services
Re-grind Cams, Cranks, Followers
Rebush Connecting Rods and Rocker Arms
Engine Balance
Speedi Sleeve

Other Specialties
Cad Plate White or Yellow
Powder Paint Service
Complete Rust Repair for Bodies